Espresso Cart Details

OUR COFFEE: Our espresso offering is a tried & true blend roasted at the hands our good friends over at eôté coffee a few days before your event. Tasting notes can vary slightly but consistently bringing a balanced profile of subtle chocolates that pairs amazing with milk! Single Origin coffees are also available for drip coffee and pour over bar and also seasonal micro-lot espresso offerings.


THE DRINKS: A list of beverages can be found on our menus tab. Additional and custom beverages can be created and prepared to suit your liking! Specialty ingredient fees may apply. Non-coffee bottled beverage options such as Topo Chico & bottled waters are also available upon request.

BOOKING PROCESS: We recommend booking an event at least two weeks in advance. Request an online quick quote with just a few details and we'll walk you through the rest of the booking process, from the invoice, to payment, to an event confirmation two days in advance. 


THE SETUP: Our espresso cart is fully self contained and only requires a standard 110v electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit with 17 amps and enough space for the espresso cart and barista. If your desired placement of our cart is not next to, or within 20ft an outlet, please provide heavy gauge extension cords of an appropriate length. Our cart setup is flexible, but roughly 6ft by 6ft, including room for the barista. If you have questions about our electrical needs, please reach out. The easier explanation is that we need an outlet with nothing else plugged in to it.

PAYMENT TIMELINE: We require payment in full in advance – you can either pay in full upon booking, or pay a 50% retainer deposit upon booking and the remaining 50% by the day prior to the event.

BOOKING : Time frames and dates are required to book your event. To unload our cart, set-up, and let our espresso machine warm up (30 minutes), we require one to one and a half hours before the event. (Example: Service time: 7 PM – 9 PM. Delivery and barista show up at 5:30 PM. On-site contact there to meet us an hour in advance of the service start time is required so we know where to go for set-up and plugging in).

ACCESS: We require access to an elevator or a ramp where long flights of stairs are necessary. The cart is very heavy we are unable to carry it up flights of stairs (a few are OK). 

LOCATION RADIUS: For now, Wilder Coffee Supply is available within a 100 mile radius of our home base in Oklahoma City. Tulsa we have you covered! If your event is farther away than our radius but would not be complete without Wilder Coffee, please contact us with the details of your event to discuss options and a custom quote. Any events outside the OKC Metro area are subject to travel fees.